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Why Obama Seeks To Destroy The House Of Representatives October 19, 2013

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Don’t let any crisis go to waste.

Real Science

The vast majority of US territory is dominantly Republican and conservative. The map above shows the counties which voted for Romney in red, and Bill Ayers’ buddy in blue.

More and more of the country is becoming Republican, but through a careful strategy of paying unmarried Democratic women in inner cities to crank out lots of babies and have their spawn vote four or five times per election, Democrats have been able to dominate the electoral college and the Senate. The large number of dead Democratic voters is also extremely helpful.

But the House of Representatives was designed to give the sane people outside of the blue Sodom and Gomorrah zones a voice in government. Obama can’t stand having mentally healthy, intelligent people interfere with his agenda – so he is working tirelessly to wreck the House of Representatives. He calls this scorched earth  policy “cooperation.”

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