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Sloppy With Their Tampering Crayon October 13, 2013

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The warmists are like uncouth children making tricks to win.

Real Science

The graph below overlays the pre-tampering Envisat sea level data (green) on the post-tampering data (red.)

This tampering was done during the last two days of the satellite’s existence, in order to bring sea level rise rates up to a politically correct value. Unfortunately, the artists in charge made a couple of critical errors. They lowered base sea level by exactly one cm, and failed to get the peaks to line up with the untampered data, in their Ministry of Truth cartoon.

ScreenHunter_1391 Oct. 11 14.03

Untampered version : MSL_Serie_EN_Global_IB_RWT_GIA_Adjust.png (1024×680)

Tampered version : MSL_Serie_EN_Global_IB_RWT_GIA_Adjust.png (1024×680)

But it is much worse than it seems. The original unadjusted and untampered data showed almost no sea level rise at all.


Like the rest of the global warming scam, the sea level scam is nothing but bullshit.

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