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More On The Satellite Sea Level Fraud October 12, 2013

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The warmists don’t even know what their taking about.





Real Science

I located a 2007 version of the CU sea level error map, and its corresponding trend map.

Note the region north of New Guinea where the trend is 9 mm/year and the error is also 9 mm/year.  This region severely skews the global numbers upwards.  In other words, their 3mm/year trend claim is completely meaningless scientifically.

ScreenHunter_1389 Oct. 11 11.45

Global mean sea level results

Even worse is that they have taken the error map off their web site. Their fake 3 mm/year serves as the basis for many fraudulent claims by scientists that sea level rise rates have increased.

The most sophisticated satellite (ENVISAT) used to show 0.5 mm/year, before they quadrupled the numbers overnight , and then immediately euthanized the satellite.

Current version of the graph

August 2011 version of the graph

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